Your Daily Life in a Pie Chart




If you ever want to see your personal habits represented in a pie chart (who hasn’t ), then Daytum is the app for you. How it works -You have categories, items, and amounts.  For example, for my Daytum page, I created a category called Liquids and added items like Coffee and Tea . Then I update the amounts for those items which creates the charts.  You have the ability to pick your data type (chart, total, etc)  and date range and voilà- Your own personal info graph.  Its easy data entry points make updating your mini charts a breeze and with its contrast colors and simple no fuss layout makes it a minimalists dream.

ChickandBee Daytum Page

Blog Lovin

My friend, Sarah, shared with me this awesome web-app- Blog Lovin.  If you are additcted to blogs and would like a way to see new posts across all of your favorites then this is the site for you.   If you are a blogger you can sign up your site as well like I just did.

Follow my blog with bloglovin

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