Corn Dogs and Ferris Wheel

By far my most favorite thing to do in the fall is go to the Texas State fair.  We had a fair in my hometown growing up but it was nothing compared to the smorgasbord of fried foods, rides, games, arts and crafts, and live stock, cars, and shops of locally made goods.   This year I got to share it with my sister and her new hubby. Our top 5 musts that B and I do every year are:

1) Eat a Fletchers Corny Dog

2) Ride the ginormus Ferris Wheel

3) See the Pig Race

4) Sit in cars that we will never be able to afford

5)  Check out the large butter scuplture




Lavender Fields Forever



B, Em, and I hopped in the car this Saturday morning and headed down to Gainesville, TX for the Annual Lavender Festival at Lavender Ridge Farms.  I am sure B wanted to spend his time doing something more manly but being the sweet husband that he is, knows that Lavender happens to be my all time favorite herb/scent so he indulged me (guys please don’t deduct any points from his man card).  We wandered the large lavender field where I got to clip fresh sprigs and  Em and B took photos of the festival happenings.   After perusing the vintage market shops that were setup along side the field we grabbed lunch at the Cafe (there was a bit of a line but worth the wait).  Em and I got Lavender Chicken salad and B got a Pesto Chicken wrap – both were delicious.  We headed back after lunch because that good ol’ Texas heat started getting to us be we had a great time.

Photos taken by B.



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