Welcoming a New Year





I love the week between Christmas and New Years. It has always been a time for me to relax, do some projects around the house that I have been procrastinating on all year, and spend some quality time with B and our 4 legged kids.  It is also a time where I get to look back at the past year and how blessed we were and look forward to the coming year (except the whole getting older thing ..I will be turning 30 this year).

A Perfect Setting for Christmas Pictures


So while we were up in Colorado we decided to shoot some Christmas pictures.  This actually is our first year to do them – usually around Christmas we are way to busy but I became inspired by the surroundings.  B brought his fancy camera equipment along and I picked out the settings.  We decided on the one above but took so many it was hard to choose a favorite.






Everyday we went on a hike with the dogs.  Hannah kept running off so we tied a really long rope to her.  If she ran to far ahead we would grab the rope and haul her back.  Occasionally she would get it snagged on something and we would hear a small whine to come and untangle her.





A Mini-Vacation to the Mountains

Chickandbee-Colorado1So quite spontaneous of us B and I hopped in the car for a few days in the snow caped mountains of Colorado.  We stayed at B’s family place which holds a special memory for us as over a 4th of July a few years ago that was when we started dating.  We basically did nothing but eat and hike and take pictures the entire time.  Here are a few of my favorites.




B and I carved our initials in an aspen tree to mark the time when we started dating.


The hot chocolate was a splurge at $7 a bag and came complete with its own marshmallows.  It was totally worth it.

Hannah and Harley had the absolute best time up there.  They played and slept hard. I got some cute pictures of Hannah on the snow mobile…her feet got tired.  I will have to post them later.


We stopped at a roadside spring.  The water was freezing but delicious.  I loved the ice that formed around the fountain.


Have you ever seen a frozen waterfall?  Well here is one.


B and I took our Christmas pictures as well.  Hannah was such a camera hog. But here is one of my favorites B took of me.  The pair of grey Hunter boots was an early Christmas present :)


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