Aruba Vacation

B and I took a trip to Aruba late last summer. We didn’t plan for much while we were there and mainly want to rest, eat fresh seafood, and tan. We did all three except I ended up getting a bad sunburn the first day there, because apparently my waterproof sunblock was not really waterproof.

One of the things we ended up doing was renting an ATV and taking a tour around the island. It was pretty easy as long as we kept the ocean on our left. We drove up to the lighthouse, visited a few caves, and saw a really cool coral beach.
We did shop a little but they were doing some road construction so we stayed close to the hotel. I couldn’t get over the amount of iguanas running about. They really freaked me out at first and I kept thinking they would chase me so I stayed near B when we were walking around in case I needed to climb him like a tree, but they left us alone.
We absolutely loved all the restaurants and ate at one with our feet in the water and the sunset on the horizon. It was a good trip and we are hoping to be able to revisit in the future.














A Hipstamatic Journey though Manitou Springs, Celestial Seasoning Factory, and Boulder

My Mom and I took a short weekend to visit my sister and brother-in-law in Colorado. While we were there for only two days we got to sight-see some good stuff.  Since we packed lightly I couldn’t bring my camera so the photos were taken using the Hipstamatic app on the iPod touch.

We started off visiting Manitou Springs for lunch. If you are a granola mountain hippie this place is for you!  I’m 1/4 granola so I enjoyed it as well. There was an awesome bead shop that had unique items and some cool clothing stores, and even a store dedicated to rubber duckies.  The highlight of Manitou is getting to try the different Mineral waters- visitors tip- some of it is pretty strong so sip slowly.






Next stop and my favorite was the Celestial Seasonings Tea Factory Tour in Boulder, Co.  We went on Saturday when the machines weren’t working but it still was a neat tour.  You got to smell all the spices that are put into their teas and even try free samples.  I walked away with a new tea mug and some bath tea from their gift shop.ChickandBee-teatour1




After that we stopped off in downtown Boulder to grab lunch and walk around.  It had quite a few book shops and coffee places, so being a bookworm and coffee addict, I instantly fell in love.  Also the art gallery and little boutique stores left me wishing we had more time there to explore.  I’m hoping B and I can revisit soon!




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