Brother and Sister

While I am waiting on someone whom I will not name (first letter starts with B) to finish sorting through the St. Martin pictures so I can post more I ran across these cute Hannah and Harley pics.  They really act like brother and sister- she steals his bones, he bites her leg.  He attacks her in the morning to play, she eats his breakfast.  She begs for attention, he rolls his eyes.  You get the picture…or maybe these will help.







Your Daily Life in a Pie Chart




If you ever want to see your personal habits represented in a pie chart (who hasn’t ), then Daytum is the app for you. How it works -You have categories, items, and amounts.  For example, for my Daytum page, I created a category called Liquids and added items like Coffee and Tea . Then I update the amounts for those items which creates the charts.  You have the ability to pick your data type (chart, total, etc)  and date range and voilà- Your own personal info graph.  Its easy data entry points make updating your mini charts a breeze and with its contrast colors and simple no fuss layout makes it a minimalists dream.

ChickandBee Daytum Page