Lately I have been incorporating more fresh fruit into my diet.  Like these  pancakes with blueberries.


Lately I have been making B some tea out of this mug I made for him for V-Day. I love you a latte B.


Lately I have been thinking of more happy little clouds and wide open spaces.





Lately I have been on a painting streak.


Happy Little Clouds

In the spring and summer I usually pick back up on my painting since the extra daylight gives me additional hours of good working time on the weekends and weeknights.  Inspiration struck me from one of the Instagram photos taken on the way to Colorado last year and decide to try my hand at painting it.  One of the neat tricks that was learnt from my art lessons was if you are paining from a photograph, turn it upside down.  Your mind will then focus on the shapes and colors instead of the whole picture.


I start by sketching out the image first with a blue pastel then mix my colors, choosing the most dominant colors for the background.



I use a lot of different techniques – wet on wet, dry on dry, blending.  I don’t really pay much attention to it and do what looks best to me.


Beside ocean waves, clouds are my number two favorite to paint.  When I’m working on them I hear Bob Ross’ voice in my head “Happy little cloud”.




Welcoming a New Year





I love the week between Christmas and New Years. It has always been a time for me to relax, do some projects around the house that I have been procrastinating on all year, and spend some quality time with B and our 4 legged kids.  It is also a time where I get to look back at the past year and how blessed we were and look forward to the coming year (except the whole getting older thing ..I will be turning 30 this year).

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