Raised Garden Planter-Step 2: Fill It

3600 pounds of dirt.  Yep you read correctly.  We bought 70 bags of regular top soil and 20 bags of Manure/Hummus mix, however we used about 60 bags of top soil and 10 bags of Manure.   We layered the Manure mix on top and mixed it in partially with the topsoil.  The boys emptied it all in a few hours.  That planter box is definetly not going anywhere with that much dirt.

Raised Garden Planter-Step 1: Build it






B and I wanted to start a garden this year but didn’t want it on the ground so Harley (our 7 yr old black lab mix) could pee on it. So we came up with this plan: a 8 ft long 3 ft wide raised planter. We drew it on the paper that came with our bread at this fabulous restaurant in Austin. The butter stains made it a bit hard to finish the drawing but I think we captured the main idea.  I was at work when B and my little brother-in-law decided to tackle this project. They did it in about 4 hours and did a fantastic job.

DIY:Memo Board

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So I have been eyeing a linen memo board in a catalog (which shall remain nameless) for my office at work. I thought it a bit overpriced and thought I would take a shot at building one myself. I found a frame at Hobby Lobby for $20 (if you wait they have a 50% off sale at least once a month) and had a left over yard of burlap fabric, along with an old bulletin board. I assembled it in about 1 hr and am pretty pleased with the effects.

-Cork Board
-Large Picture Frame
-Burlap Fabric (enough to cover the cork board)
-Staple Gun and Staples
-Small 1″ Nails and Hammer
-Hand saw (if needed)

1) Cut the Bulletin Board to fit the size of the frame. Luckily I had to saw off only a small piece and it was pretty easy.

2) Lay the burlap material down on a flat surface and lay the bulletin board on top face down. Fold the sides of the burlap over the bulletin board, leave about 1 in. board and cut off the excess material.

3) Staple the burlap to the board’s edges. Pull tight on the material before you staple so that the material does not sag.

4) Turn the picture frame face down and then lay the burlap covered bulletin board into the frame.

Feel free to get your handy man for the next part (I had to wake up Bee to help).

5) Hammer in the nails to the edges of the bulleting board at an angle into the frame. I tried hammering it straight on and it didn’t really work for me but Bee tried it at an angle and it worked great. He did about 3 nails for each side (12 total).

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