A New Season


If you have ever lived in Texas you may know how sporadic the weather is. How it can go from freezing to hot all in one week. I think this spring has been the craziest.
With all the start and stops of nice spring weather I will be pleasantly surprised if anything grows.


We still planted plenty over the past couple of weeks and even built a new garden enclosure. So lets see what this growing season will bring- if it’s anything like the last one, plenty of veggies, bugs, and joy.


Aruba Vacation

B and I took a trip to Aruba late last summer. We didn’t plan for much while we were there and mainly want to rest, eat fresh seafood, and tan. We did all three except I ended up getting a bad sunburn the first day there, because apparently my waterproof sunblock was not really waterproof.

One of the things we ended up doing was renting an ATV and taking a tour around the island. It was pretty easy as long as we kept the ocean on our left. We drove up to the lighthouse, visited a few caves, and saw a really cool coral beach.
We did shop a little but they were doing some road construction so we stayed close to the hotel. I couldn’t get over the amount of iguanas running about. They really freaked me out at first and I kept thinking they would chase me so I stayed near B when we were walking around in case I needed to climb him like a tree, but they left us alone.
We absolutely loved all the restaurants and ate at one with our feet in the water and the sunset on the horizon. It was a good trip and we are hoping to be able to revisit in the future.














5 years of memories

So last week B and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary.  We were married in June but we celebrate July 5 since that is the first day we started dating.   He suprised me with a gorgeous bouquet at our table at our restaurant last week that I am currently enjoying. Neither  one of is super big on buying gifts for our anniversary but decided that we would go down to Austin in an upcoming weekend to purchase matching hats at a haberdashery I saw when I was down there in June.

Looking through our wedding photos reminded me of how wonderful it really was. It was not an expensive wedding and we did much of the little decor items ourselves- we both love anything English/Scottish and went with a brunch theme including a real bagpiper. To save money with the florist we provided our own containers where were different tea pots borrowed from various relatives.  The Claddagh was something we used throughout the wedding on the programs (which we did ourselves) and as a cake topper.

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